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Academic classes that are scholarly in their approach to the material taught, likely to require studying at home, and may produce homework to be completed throughout the week.  Grades and/or credit may also be given depending on the grade level of the course.

The ability to sit and listen attentively without talking over the instructor, take turns talking with classmates, and exhibit age appropriate classroom courtesy will be expected.


Enriching classes that have a planned approach to the material being taught but are not inclined to produce homework outside of more fun-like theme related activities.

Though students are expected to exhibit basic classroom decorum, these classes generally allow more freedom of activity than a strictly academic course but less than a completely unstructured one.


Unstructured classes that have no agenda other than to provide opportunities and materials for the students to explore and discover their own ideas, interests, and information through experiences in a safe environment with  careful supervision.

Appropriate behavior and common sense are expected while allowing students to have fun learning through unfettered play.