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Classes Offered

At Vita, we strive to offer classes for everyone! We are excited to offer a wide range of teaching methods and unique courses that will help meet the needs of our homeschool community.

Classes run 10am-3pm with a lunch hour 12pm-1pm

Classes are not firm yet for this semester and may adjust based on registrations. Options may include:
Academic classes - Anatomy and Physiology, Literature, Literature, History etc.
Enrichment classes - Baking, Sewing, Robotics, Art
Unschooled - Building Blocks, , LEGO

Our classes are geared toward age ranges but are not firm. We recognize parents know their students' skill levels and can assess what is the best fit. Please read class descrptions to assess what will be expected and what is the best fit for your student. Our desire is to help your students learn, grow, and foster friendships with their peers. There are a few classes that have a firm age restriction based on teacher requests.

We are excited to offer Cotillion with Alana Lorenz and Professional Improv by Sean Hancock. Specialty classes in which outside teachers are hired may have additional class fees.