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Registration Checklist

We’re so glad you’re interested in joining Vita. We want to make your registration process as smooth as possible.

(We are cuurently full . Your request to join will add you to our waiting list. Due to the size of our co-op it usually takes us awhile to complete class registration of current members. Registration happens during the 1st week of August. If you do not hear from us before August, please understand that we are not intentionally ignoring you.  If you have quesitons you can email us at [email protected] )

Please see below for your next steps in becoming a Vita member:

  • Sign up on our website: Please click the JOIN button in our website's top right corner. You will be asked to answer basic questions, then hit submit. We will notify you when your membership has been accepted. This will give you access to our private side of the website, calendar, and forum updates with pertinent information. Contact our Operations Director (Operations email)

  • Pay your membership enrollment fees  Once you have been approved log into the webiste and click on the member store button located in the upper right hand corner. This will reroute you to our Vita store. Click the items you want to purchase and checkout. A receipt will be emailed to you via email. You may also write a check made to Vita Education Inc. Contact our Treasurer (Treasurer Email) if you have any questions.
  • Submit your forms: Every member is required to submit the following:
    Background Check, a Liability Release, Medical waiver, Photo release, and an On-Site Guardian form.
    These can be found and filled out directly on our website under the Forms tab once your membership has been approved. If you would like to request a paper copy, please email the Operations Director, Operations email.
  • Register for Classes: Once your payment has been made,all forms filled out, background check complete, and registration is open, you will be able to sign your kids up for classes. Click on the Registration tab, find the classes you want, and click your child’s name to register them. If you have any questions, please contact our Academics Director (Academic Director email). We want to find the best fit for your students.
    *Classes change per semester. During summer months, registration for classes will not be open*

Be sure to check for forum posts and updates. It’s a very efficient way to make sure you are in the loop on fun activities, field trips, announcements, etc.