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Code of Conduct

By joining Vita, you are agreeing to the following:

-All families, students, teachers, and members shall agree to behave respectfully and courteously, speaking respectfully to one another, obeying your teachers and leaders, no running in the hallways, cleaning up after themselves, etc.

-ALL Students and members are required to stay off the stage and may not touch the musical/sound equipment without express permission.

-ALL students and members are required to stay in Vita designated spaces ONLY. Please note Vita's Do NOT Enter or Do NOT Exit signage. Any areas roped off are STRICTLY off-limits. 

- DeerFlat has asked us to use the rear parking lot and enter through those main doors only. All other exterior doors are to remain locked. 

-Please respect the premises- NO running, biking, skateboarding, rollerblading, throwing balls, etc. inside the building or on the premises unless permission is granted.

-The children's wing classrooms and foyer is wired with Alexa video screens and Ipad tablets. These are off-limits to ALL STUDENTS. 

-No food or colored drinks in any of the classrooms. All food items are to be kept in the main foyer. The only exception will be the nursery. 

-Be respectful of class hours. Please show up to class prepared and on time.

-Inappropriate use of language, violence, bullying, or physical affection, will not be tolerated.

-Parents are responsible for their children at all times.

While we hope all our students will act appropriately, should a conflict occur, the following steps will be taken:

First Offense:
A verbal warning will be given.

Second Offense:
The Family Director will address the problem with the parent.

Third Offense:
Should the matter not be resolved with the first 3 steps, the Director of Families will bring concerns to the Directors. Consequences will be determined at the Director's and the Board's discretion.


In the event a student/parent has a question/concern with a teacher, we ask that you address it as follows:

Students/parents should discuss the matter with the teacher discretely. 

Should the matter not be resolved, the student/parent needs to discuss the matter with the Director of Families. 

Should the Director of Families not resolve the matter, she will bring it to the Directors. Consequences will be determined at the Director's and Board's discretion.